Front and back of these sculpture-like works are of equal value. They defy a traditional way of seeing and showcasing them. Tradition as such is at stake within the process of making them. The production of these pieces stresses the act of empathizing with the artistic environment. They come alive by permitting the drippings and scrapes to be part of the artwork. What is usually dedicated to be forgotten and abandoned under the layers of a „one-face-painting“ becomes relevant on the one side and a painting that faces in the opposite direction completes the work and results in „two faces“. There is a tension in having the two sides or faces coexist. That evokes the paradox of the human state, which can be considered as the original idea for the look and feel of this work. The process always allows the artist’s spontaneous reaction. It can’t be considered as a repetition but as a genesis. She collects experiences. This translates into a way of understanding, not meant as an attempt to explain the world. Aesthetically, the two sides are different but there is a continuity that stems from a devotedness to the realization that the inner dialogue between body and mind is an unescapable fact. They permeate each other and communicate, marking a passionate relationship.








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